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Since Norman was founded, it is committed to the human resources screening, development, nurture, and always upholds the philosophy of "people-oriented" and respects and uses talents. establish a high quality and performance team with Norman features.

  • A

    Admittedly, the ability of candidates is an important criterion for talent selection, but working attitude is the power source, only keep diligent working attitude and passion, people can blossom and bear fruit at his position.

  • M

    On the basis of corresponding ability, personal qualitie of employees is an important standard to measure whether employees was mainly used and promoted.

  • P

    On the one hand Norman provides all kinds of training opportunity and further study to staff, on the other hand establishs a training mechanism of " push, hold, pull" , offers talent suitable position, promotes them in rapid growth

  • D

    In the field of biology and medicine, Norman had set sail, with broad development prospects and space. All professionals can find their own development space and stage in Norman. Also adheres to the principle that pay and return are reciprocity, provides each employee a reasonable pay, shares the victory of enterprise development, achieves a win-win between enterprises and employees.


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